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Landia Skincare is a family owned small business making luxurious vegan, organic products from our home studio in Oregon. We started the company to create solutions that make better sense for people who have sensitive skin, and we’re fortunate to be able to combine what we love, what we know and what we believe the world needs.


Our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on it is absorbed and transferred into our bodies. If you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably used products that didn’t come through as promised — or even worsened your condition. It’s exhausting, frustrating and frankly, your journey deserves a better destination. 


The sad truth is that there are many things not so “beautiful” about beauty products. Because the U.S. cosmetic industry is largely unregulated, many conventional personal care products use ingredients like PEG-75 (a skin irritant and solvent) and ethylhexylglycerin (a skin irritant and deodorizer).


Many of these additives are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens — things you don’t want on you or in you.


In 2012, Bill and Kathy Grady set out to produce a complete clean skin care line using organic plant ingredients and the incredible healing power they provide. Putting Bill’s plant science background and their avid love of gardening to work, they launched Landia in 2014 to create gentle, effective products you can feel good about using every day — and not just “made from plants,” but also vegan (cruelty-free) and nontoxic, as well as soy-, gluten-, alcohol- and palm-free. (Most are nut-free, but we just love what 100% sweet almond oil can do for the skin.) We use cold process, unrefined oils and butters, a few minerals, our own beautiful essential oil blends, and zero petrolatum. The Grady family handmakes every product in small batches, in their Oregon studio.


We have always been makers, doers and lovers of life. Bill was a professional skier in South America and Switzerland, and built homes and furniture to finance his passion. Kathy has an art and photography background and has also skied the world. Our adventurous spirits have driven us to go places, see things and experience the awe and wonder of this big world. We also feel a deep responsibility to make the planet we share a better place however we can.


Landia products are hand-poured into glass containers that we take back from you, sterilize and reuse. We are 99% single-use plastic free, as well as working on our organic certification with Oregon Tilth. And we are able to source our ingredients through a worldwide supplier that we’re lucky enough to have in our home town! Our Skin & Planet Saving Pledge page says it all — including our 30-day, money-back guarantee to make exceptional skin care a risk-free investment. 

Calm, hydrated and healthy skin can change your life — and when you join the journey with us, you’re helping to change the world.

Shop our full collection of cremes, cleansers, lotions, toning mists and more.

Or get started with the simple Landia Skin Quiz.

We can’t wait to hear about your transformation!

Make the switch to safer skin care now!

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